How To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet?

How To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet
How To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet

The TrustWallet application allows one to purchase decentralized tokens in settings where centralized exchanges are irrelevant.

Among these tokens is EGC, also known as Evergrow. However, it is important to note that acquiring these tokens requires using a decentralized marketplace, such as the one provided by PancakeSwap.

Trust Wallet’s services have demonstrated their dependability in efficiently managing and storing your cryptocurrency and digital assets. Consequently, you can expand your knowledge of the decentralized cryptocurrency sector and the EGC token.

Therefore, please familiarize yourself with the following talking points to take advantage of this opportunity.

What is The Evergrow Coin?

What is The Evergrow Coin
What is The Evergrow Coin

The Evergrow Coin is a type of cryptocurrency aimed at helping the daily needs of farmers facing the challenges of securing their crops. For instance, farmers need more rotations and a better return on investment.

As a result, they may need help to afford modern farm equipment and technologies. To solve this problem, one can invest in the EGC token and use it to purchase modern farm equipment and technologies.

Step By Step Guide To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet

Step By Step Guide To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet
Step By Step Guide To Buy Evergrow Coin On Trust Wallet

You can purchase the Evergrow coin on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports EGC tokens, including the SingularX platform. This exchange platform lets you purchase tokens by trading other prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

1) Set Up Your Trust Wallet Account:

TrustWallet is a mobile-based cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in decentralized exchange. Consequently, the Trust Wallet account can be accessed via your smartphone, and the application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As you start, create a new wallet straight from the Trust Wallet homepage by providing your email address and setting up a password. To begin with, the initial step is to download and configure Trust Wallet.

It’s crucial to safeguard the 12-word recovery phrase, as it cannot be lost at any cost. Bear in mind that Trust Wallet is solely accessible on mobile devices, whether they be Android or iOS. Consequently, it’s not possible to purchase Evergrow using a desktop computer.

2) Buy BNB:

Since TrustWallet does not support fiat currency, you need to purchase Binance Coin (BNB) to be able to purchase other cryptocurrencies. BNB is an ERC20 token with a market capitalization of $946,491,200 with a circulating supply of 119,037,500.

As a result of this fact, before investing in the Evergrow coin, you look into buying Binance Coin. To conduct swaps on DExes, BNB is essential.

Therefore, launch Trust Wallet and press Buy. Following this, choose BNB. Even though Trust Wallet is decentralized, you can still purchase BNB using your fiat card. Buy the exact quantity of BNB that is required.

3) Swap BNB to BNB Smart Chain Tokens:

Swap BNB to BNB Smart Chain Tokens
Swap BNB to BNB Smart Chain Tokens

Next, click on the Wallet option from the menu and then click Swap. After this, pick BNB from the presented list of tokens and press Next.

Next, you will be prompted to choose BNB again. However, you need to select SmartChain Tokens. This allows you to acquire EGC tokens using your Binance coin. At this point, select an amount and proceed to Next. After that, confirm the transaction by pressing Yes.

Navigate to Trust Wallet’s home screen and click on “Swap.” Choose your BNB tokens, which must be converted to BNB Smart Chain tokens. This is necessary since PancakeSwap operates on the BSC network, and to purchase Evergrow, the tokens must be converted to Smart Chain tokens. Enter your Smart Chain order and proceed.

4) Access PancakeSwap:

After you have successfully swapped your BNB tokens, you will be able to access PancakeSwap. However, it’s vital to note that this is a decentralized platform that a web browser can only access. You may not access PancakeSwap via the Trust Wallet, so it’s important to use a laptop or desktop computer rather than your mobile device.

5) Access The Exchange:

PancakeSwap provides a decentralized exchange that is based on the BSC network. After you have registered and submitted your order, all that’s required is to wait for the order to be confirmed by the blockchain. Once confirmed, you can access it through the Exchange option in Trust Wallet. 

Afterward, select EGC/BCS (Binance Chain Smart) and proceed to Buy. After that, choose the amount of Evergrow coins and press Next. Upon successfully swapping BNB, proceed to PancakeSwap. Android users can select “DApps” on Trust Wallet’s primary menu. Conversely, iPhone users must manually activate the DApp browser.

6) Tap on “Connect Wallet”:

Head to the BSC network market and click on “Connect Wallet.” After that, enter the private key at the bottom of your Trust Wallet account. After this, navigate to the “All Assets” tab and select EGC from the list. Now, you can proceed with your order by tapping on both “Sell” and then “Buy.” Enter the quantity that you wish to purchase using your Ethereum. Confirm whether or not you wish to trade other tokens for EGC tokens.

7) Swap Binance Smart Chain BNB:

Swap Binance Smart Chain BNB
Swap Binance Smart Chain BNB

After completing the transaction, proceed to the “My BSC” tab on the Binance Chain smart contract platform and click “Balances.” You should see your EGC coins that have been purchased using your Ethereum. Now, tap “Swap” and choose BNB to swap your newly-purchased EGC tokens for BNB. After completing this step, you can convert your EGC tokens to Ethereum.

8) Store Tokens on Trust Wallet App:

Now, return to your Trust Wallet and click “Account.” Your new EGC tokens should be in the “My Tokens” tab. After this, you can store your tokens in the “Addresses” section.

This is essential as it lets you track what cryptocurrencies are stored in Trust Wallet, particularly because it allows you to manage access permissions. Store your EGC by pressing the “Wallet” option and then “Store” to add your Ethereum.

Now, press the “Accounts” section and enter your passphrase. After successfully storing your EGC coins, it’s time to withdraw them from the Trust Wallet app. Select the number of coins you wish to withdraw, which will be converted into Ether.


PancakeSwap has been developed with privacy and decentralization in mind, so the platform does not directly use wallets like Trust Wallet.

The Binance Chain Smart contract platform is used to facilitate the swap process. As such, if you’re looking to buy Evergrow and swap your BNB for other cryptocurrencies, you must purchase Binance Coin before signing up for PancakeSwap.

In summary, long-term investment in Evergrow is not encouraged. At the same time, PancakeSwap has been developed with privacy and decentralization in mind; therefore, it should not be used for day trading.

It’s optimal to purchase Binance Coin and then use it to buy EGC tokens. However, we advise against investing any significant amount of money in this project due to the poor ROI being offered.

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