How To Find Upcoming Nft Projects?

How To Find Upcoming Nft Projects
How To Find Upcoming Nft Projects

NFTs are frequently regarded as one of the most innovative technologies within the crypto industry, particularly about Web3 and the metaverse’s respective foreseeable futures.

Have you ever wondered how to locate interesting and forthcoming NFT projects? Here are different ways to learn about and investigate new and interesting NFT initiatives. 

The non-traditional asset space is seeing rapid development. For newcomers, keeping up with new project reveals, prospects for allowed listing, and the most recent ins and outs can frequently feel arduous. 

Here is a fast tutorial that will get you started if you seek ways to explore the NFT area, identify potentially promising NFT initiatives, and dive deeper into the NFT domain. 

If this interests you, keep reading! Even though it may be challenging to find NFT projects that pique your interest, our guide outlines several ways to locate and analyze the various options available within the ecosystem.

Research on the NFT Project

Research on the NFT Project
Research on the NFT Project

Your early investigation of NFTs should begin with reputable NFT platforms and the project’s official website, although this recommendation may appear self-evident. You might follow a cryptocurrency news network or look around an NFT marketplace. 

However, whether or not this idea has any future value still needs to be answered. 

If something about a new NFT you’ve come across has piqued your interest, the platform or website for the project is an excellent location to find out more information about it. 

Typical topics that will be included on the website include the project’s description, backstory, vision, creators, and other pertinent information. When looking for NFTs, now that we’ve covered the most fundamental piece of guidance, let’s dive into some of the more advanced strategies. 

The Best Sources to Look for NFTs

The Best Sources to Look for NFTs
The Best Sources to Look for NFTs

1.  Binance NFT

On the homepage of Binance NFT, live sales data for specific NFTs and other projects that are widely traded may be viewed. 

By keeping an eye on the sales activity of a certain project and using the appropriate filters to view the volume, floor price, resale frequency, or most recent sales price, you will be able to maintain an awareness of the essential aspects of the project as well as the general feeling of the market.

Users can investigate, keep tabs on, and purchase popular NFTs from various markets and blockchains without leaving their Binance account’s confines. The icon of the platform from which the NFT originated will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the NFT display card if the NFT originated from another platform. Within the not-too-distant future, we plan to continue incorporating additional marketplaces and chains into the Binance NFT platform.

The [Stats] – [Rankings] – [Collections] page is where users may access the Watchlist function, which gives them the ability to add their preferred NFT collections to their watchlist. After successfully logging into their Binance account, users can monitor their watchlists on the homepage and the Rankings page.

The Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) hosted on the Binance NFT platform can also serve as a solid stepping stone for gamers looking to get involved in NFT gaming ventures. Because GameFi has become such a prominent part of the blockchain world and because it makes such effective use of NFTs, new projects need to take notice of this sector.

2. Twitter

Social media, particularly Twitter, have significantly aided the development of new financial technologies and expanded the market for new financial technologies. When used responsibly, Twitter is a platform that allows users to learn about new NFT projects and track the progress of such projects over time. 

Twitter is used by several NFT initiatives and their associated web artists to share their NFT creations and collections. You can establish Twitter Lists of NFT projects that you follow and key industry experts who offer information about the most recent occurrences in the market to facilitate easy access to this information.

You can also find links to external websites, such as official project webpages and Discord servers, and other pertinent information. These external links typically feature roadmaps, schedules for dropping or minting coins, and other project updates. 

However, before clicking any link from Twitter or any other social media platform, you should verify its legitimacy. You can follow an NFT influencer, collector, or creator on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the works they are working on if you are a fan of any of these individuals.

However, it is important to remember that thousands of new NFT projects are now under development, and not all have teams that can be relied upon. It is vital to do a risk assessment and make an effort to filter out inaccurate information. 

Before becoming involved or accepting any financial risks, consider conducting an in-depth study.

Stay tuned to Binance NFT’s Twitter for the most recent updates. We provide information on forthcoming NFT collections debuting on the Binance NFT marketplace and exciting promotions that could earn you an allowlist slot for forthcoming NFT collection pre-mints!

3. Discord


Following the progress of an NFT project via its servers on the communication platform Discord is another viable option. There are several NFT-specific groups on Discord, each of which can provide a significant amount of helpful information from the official project teams and community members.

A good sign can be found in authentic and engaging discourse and activity when determining whether or not the community surrounding an NFT project is flourishing. In addition, NFT projects frequently use their own Discord servers to discuss various topics, including allowlists, drops, and various development updates. When seeking guidance from unknown individuals via the internet, you must always remember to use extreme caution.

Join the Binance NFT Discord to network with people who share your passion for NFTs, exchange ideas, and keep up with the most recent advancements in the sector! Plus, you will be the first to know about forthcoming NFT collections, and there will be unique giveaways on Discord where you may win NFTs or whitelist positions.

4.  Rarity sites

Rarity sites are an excellent resource for determining the NFT level of a rarity in collections and other endeavors. The rarity of an NFT is the key factor determining its perceived market rate. As a general rule, the higher the rarity of an NFT, the greater the possibility that it will have a strong resale value. If you are looking for ideas on specific tools for your chain, a good place to start is with the NFT community you trust.

You may learn more about the rarity of NFT collections by using rarity sites. You can also use these sites to find rare NFTs, check the rarity of a particular NFT, or snipe potentially underpriced NFTs.

Various rarity tools are available, which may be used to compute the rarity score of an NFT and rank it from highest to lowest. These tools are often designed to work exclusively with a single chain.

Binance NFT provides users with various capabilities that give them useful insights about NFT collections across the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum. The rarity information presented for each NFT for sale in the marketplace is one of the aspects that stands out the most.

Users can use the filter on each page of the NFT collection to sort the NFTs in the order of their rarity. This information covers the total number of NFTs from a collection currently in circulation, the number of owners on a page for an NFT collection, and the rarity percentage for each trait.

5. NFT tracking and analytics tools

NFT tracking and analytics tools
NFT tracking and analytics tools

You can more readily identify and analyze NFT initiatives using online tracking and analytical tools. To help you along your journey with NFTs, for instance, these tools can show you real-time mints, the most popular collections, market patterns, and price-related statistics. 

In addition, they can assist users in better timing their entrances and exits based on the behaviors of whale wallets, sale trends, price charts, token rarity, and other indicators.

Additionally, customers of Binance NFT are granted access to comprehensive analytics tools, which enable them to monitor the success of NFTs over time and across numerous marketplaces and chains. Visit the Binance NFT Ranking website to learn about current NFT ranks, recent activity, and more. 

Clicking on the page of an NFT collection will take you to the historical pricing data and charts. This will allow you to go further. You can view the pricing history of a particular NFT you are interested in by going to the NFT Detail page for that particular NFT. Understand important variables such as the trading volume, price history, and floor price.


You must perform a thorough study if you consider getting involved in NFTs. We’re going to talk about searching on Google here, too! At a bare minimum, you should utilize a reliable list of metrics, such as the one presented earlier, and various tools to assist you. 

You can manage risk most effectively with the assistance of research, tools, and knowledge you have obtained. This will, in the end, keep you safe. At the NFT level, make sure to make use of your intuition because it has the potential to be the most useful tool you have. 

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