What Is Immutable X (IMX)?

What Is Immutable X (IMX)
What Is Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X (IMX): Instant Transactions At No Fuel Cost

Immutable X is a layer-2 scale mechanism for NFTs on Ethereum. In minting & trading NFTs, it provides instant transaction verification but almost no fuel costs. Users can build and exchange NFTs without jeopardizing the safety of their resources. Scaling is provided by Immutable X to use a rendering engine Nil Rollup.

More to 9,000 operations per minute can be handled by all of this. Immutable X’s global NFT trading volume is distributed and also can help enhance NFT volatility and improve trading activity. Any platform created on Immutable X allows the sale and purchase of NFTs. An ERC-20 energy and management token is IMX.

It is implemented on Immutable X as just a bonus system for users and programmers to pay trading fees. By staking their coins and getting involved in network governance, tokens can earn benefits.

Immutable X: Introduction

Immutable X_ Introduction
Immutable X_ Introduction

It can be costly to sell and mine NFTs on Ethereum, particularly when there is a significant amount of traffic. With fast processing, customers will pay higher gas prices. Furthermore, minting transactions often go incorrect, resulting in massive damages.

Definition Of Immutable X

The layer-2 scalability option for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum is dubbed Immutable X. This attempts to improve the use and durability of Ethereum. James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson, and Alex Connolly created Immutable X in 2018. In minting and selling NFTs, it provides instant deal verification but almost no fuel costs. ERC-721 and ERC-20 coins can be quickly produced and exchanged by consumers at cheaper rates without compromising the safety of their holdings.

Immutable X: Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup)

Immutable X_ Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup)
Immutable X_ Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup)

Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup), a layer-2 mechanism for verifying transactions just on the Ethereum platform, is the scalability mechanism at the foundation of Immutable X. ZK-Rollup combines a significant number of transactions into one zk-STARK evidence, a zero-knowledge proof, as compared to putting all transaction information into the blockchain.

Zero-knowledge scalable translucent justifications of knowing (Zk-STARK) It was a method of validation that is employed to acquire competence while revealing any details. It can offer greater levels of safety and anonymity for Immutable X operations.

The evidence is posted to the blockchain following aggregating the transactions, in which a smart contract then confirms it. Because they don’t possess all of the transaction records, the ZK-Rollup smart contract stores all transaction data on layer 2 to ensure that the proof may be promptly checked. Furthermore, it will be a lower strain on storage and computing resources while verifying blocks.

This is the way Immutable X can handle 9,000 transactions each second (TPS) or even more while spending significantly less on gas. Transactions in Immutable X have no cost of gas for the end customer.

Members of Immutable X may sell or mint NFTs that is entirely carbon neutral. For illustration, creating 8 million NFT cards on Ethereum again for the play-to-earn game Gods Unchained would be using about 490 million kWh. Immutable X required 1,030 kWh, or 475,000 percent lower power, to mint the very same quantity of NFTs with ZK-Rollup reducing the necessary data for minting. 

Carbon taxes are employed to counteract the minimal remaining energy consumption. The powerful REST APIs which go with Immutable X are also another unique characteristic that can make difficult blockchain interaction easier.

Despite having to interact immediately using smart contracts, users can quickly generate and trade NFTs using API calls. The APIs and Wallets are simple to implement into systems when combined with Immutable X’s simple software development kits (SDKs). 

As a consequence, companies would be able to develop NFT products, like play-to-earn games, in a short amount of time instead of weeks. Immutable X provides a worldwide order book that facilitates the purchase and sale of NFTs on every platform that uses their scale technologies, enabling the ecosystem of a 3rd NFT exchange.

This implies that orders made with one platform can be filled on another, thereby improving NFTs’ speculative trading and availability. Each desktop Ethereum wallet is also handled by Immutable X. While transferring their resources across systems, customers can sell NFTs on multiple crypto wallets that accept it.

Immutable X And IMX

Immutable X’s native currency is IMX. There are 2 billion of this ERC-20 usage and administration component of current. Immutable X uses IMX to cover trading costs and benefit users and programmers. By helping in the development of the network, such as trading NFTs and creating apps, they can earn IMX tokens.

The utilitarian coin IMX lets token users join the incentive pool and risk their tokens to receive rewards. Furthermore, they can participate in Immutable X governance by presenting and deciding on public ideas. They have more voting weight more the IMX tokens they have.

Non-Fungible Tokens And Immutable X

Non-Fungible Tokens And Immutable X
Non-Fungible Tokens And Immutable X

One of the earliest Layer 2 alternatives to using zkrollups and focus entirely on non-fungible tokens is Immutable X. (NFTs). The network is paving the way in building a well Ethereum ecosystem as the zkrollups business can gain as just a scalability solution. Immutable X had grown in popularity in large part due to the API intermediate layer.

Customers can avoid changing connections when connecting wallets due to it. Interfaces with blockchain are made much easier by the use of REST APIs. With having to interact with smart contracts explicitly, customers can design and trade NFTs via API calls. To build NFT goods such as P2E games, programmers can incorporate ImmutableX’s Software Development Kits (SDK), API, and wallets.

Immutable X produces a world order book to serve as a third-party NFT exchange, enabling consumers to market NFTs on every ecosystem that makes use of their instruments. The quantity and availability of NFTs will rise as a result of the ease with which online orders inside one marketplace can be easily filled in the other. The scheme provides a middle part named “links” to improve the NFT-specific wallet interface.

Without even any security problems, customers can take benefit of frictionless trade and NFT minting. Selling NFTs between different NFT-supported wallets without switching assets from one system to the next is feasible because of Immutable X’s compatibility with all Ethereum wallets.

The approach aims to solve the problems of network congestion, which is quite prevalent on Ethereum during the heaviest trade periods. High scalability allows for the rapid and economical processing of huge numbers of transactions.

As just a reason, Immutable Realize NFT customers with such a quicker and much more expensive solution. Investors and creators of Non-Fungible Tokens get accessibility to the system’s decentralized trading platform. If Immutable X is capable of achieving its goal process efficiency of about 9000 TPS, it is anticipated it will ultimately get to be the standard NFT network.

All major digital currencies currently offer the native currency of the network IMX. The brands Huobi Global, OKX, Binance, By bit, FTX, and others are among the most known just on the lists.


Immutable X utilizes layer-2 scalability technologies to fill in the holes in Ethereum’s NFT trade. It offers a framework for the creation of NFT companies, including such markets and play-to-earn activities.

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