What Is The Cheapest Nft?

What Is The Cheapest Nft
What Is The Cheapest Nft

Throughout the last few years, the market for NFTs has experienced tremendous expansion. Finding the finest affordable NFT projects that have a competent development team, give genuine value, and have plans for the future might be a challenging chore. However, there are a few projects that meet all of these criteria. Fortunately, we do have a solution to this problem.

In the following sections of this article, we will examine the top low-cost NFTs currently available for purchase. All of the collections we evaluated are excellent in their own right. Still, some collections, such as RobotEra, IMPT, Tamadoge, Silks, Battle Infinity, and Awesome Possum, stand out from the rest of the pack.

Wen Sandwich

Wen Sandwich
Wen Sandwich

This collection of artwork from the NFT is notable for various reasons. Most importantly, it was designed by the same people responsible for the illustrious Bored Ape Yacht Club artwork known as Migwashere. Wen Sandwich is his next huge series of work, and it has all the makings of a frenzy in the crypto community because it contains all the components.

The concept that underpins the work of art is rather straightforward, but many things work in its favor. Those who invest in the Wen Sandwich collection will have the opportunity to make their sandwiches.

They have access to over 150 different ingredients, allowing them to construct a sandwich that is either completely original or completely standard.

They can select from the list of ingredients, assemble the sandwich, and then hold it up to show the world how proud they are of their creation. They may enjoy preparing a unique dish and would like to share it with others.

The components include meats like chicken or bacon, vegetables like lettuce and tomato, spices like black pepper and salt, and various sauces. You can probably understand how the cryptocurrency community will go crazy with the nearly unlimited combinations, given the number of components available.

It is clear that the fact that Migwashere is the brains behind it is not the only thing that makes this NFT art set stand out as truly remarkable.

It is truly one of a kind because it encourages collectors to interact with one another while keeping their shared passion for food in mind by allowing them to develop one-of-a-kind sandwich-serving dishes.

The production of the Wen Sandwich will begin at the end of January, which means there is little time left until the craze for these culinary inventions starts to take off.

The community will heavily influence the collection, and its organizers intend to make this a top focus. It expands upon the strongest aspects of Bored Ape Yacht and Migwashere’s earlier collections, including HoF Goat Lodge and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate.



Players participating in Tamadoge, a non-financial transaction game, can earn rewards in the Tamaverse. The idea combines aspects of both pay-to-play and non-financial trades.

The project will incorporate the game into the Metaverse in the not-too-distant future. Tamadoge is also offered as an ERC-20 token since the developers want to make it possible to buy their coins without paying taxes to encourage more trading.

One of the primary distinctions between Tamadoge and Dogecoin is that the supply of Tamadoge will gradually deplete as time goes on. The number of Dogecoins available has grown exponentially, yet the Tamadoge cryptocurrency game will waste 5% of its tokens whenever they are spent.

The remaining 65% of the tokens that are spent will be placed into a prize pool that will be used to reward participants, and the remaining 30% will go toward the promotion of the platform and its development.

Users can win rewards by breeding pets and then raising those pets by purchasing NFTs to feed them. In addition, players can buy cosmetic goods and NFT toys for their pets to help them advance in the game.

A player’s pet’s progression will decide their position on the leaderboard. The most successful players will walk away with the most rewards from the total prize pool. Over ten years, the Tamadoge project will make available for minting thirty percent of its total supply.

The investors have very well received the undertaking. It surpassed forecasts by weeks and sold out its $19 million presale. Following its debut on the OKX centralized exchange (CEX) and the OKX decentralized exchange or DEX (for US investors), the value of the TAMA token soared by approximately 20 times from presale rates.

The demand for TAMA will continue to rise from this point forward. On October 6, one hundred extremely uncommon Tamadoge NFTs with increased stats were available. This caused the project to become the most popular trending NFT on market-leading OpenSea, raising 250 ETH in just one day.

These NFTs will provide an advantage in the upcoming P2E game, with improved stats and qualities, and it may be worthwhile to spend in the drop to maximize benefits once the game is released to get the most out of it.



RobotEra is our pick for the best overall low-cost NFT project to invest in 2023. RobotEra is a metaverse game ecosystem that enables users to harness NFT protocols to access and monetize a virtual ecosystem in several ways.

TARO is the name of RobotEra’s virtual currency, and the ERC-20 token that represents it is presently being sold as part of the game’s initial round of token presale.

A survey by DappRadar says that gaming tokens can hold up strongly against any other crypto asset during a down market. Furthermore, crypto Venture Capitalist investments in gaming projects are forecast to reach $12 billion by the end of 2022. This figure is expected to reach $12 billion by the end of the year.

As a result, investors are seeking the next best token to be released by the Metaverse. When compared to other initiatives, such as The Sandbox, whose presale prices have multiplied by a factor of 1,000 since their inception, TARO offers a more diverse set of use cases and capabilities that can accomplish the same goals.

You can buy Robot NFTs with TARO on RobotEra’s Metaverse, and these NFTs reflect a user’s in-game avatar on the Taro Planet, which is RobotEra’s metaverse planet. TARO is the game’s virtual currency.

There will be 10,000 Robot NFTs, each with distinctive qualities. In addition, users on Taro can purchase parcels of virtual metaverse land, another NFT asset part of the ecosystem.

According to the RobotEra whitepaper, players can enlarge their territory to gather new resources and construct cities.

Players can compete in online quests to gain awards, host events and concerts for which they can charge admission, and sell advertising space on billboards. They will also be able to rent land, exchange NFTs on the marketplace, and compete in online quests to win rewards.

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